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Eastern Coat and Pouch  

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    Eastern Woodland Coat                                                   Interpretive Métis Style Coat

     A picture of this coat was included in the Black Powder Annual 2001 article.

     This is a museum quality coat created with large matched, heavily smoked, brain tanned buck deerskin. Typical 'kick-pleat' in back, just below the waistline. Coat proper is hand-sewn with deer sinew. The lining is of fustian linen, lightly walnut stained, with hidden seams treadle sewn with cotton thread. 

See more pictures that shows the silk ribbon edge & reverse of coat.

     A striking coat for the serious re-enactor and collector.          Sold - Thank You!

Moosehair Embroidered FlowersMoosehair Embroidered Pouch 

     Also included in the Black Powder Annual 2001, this exceptional pouch with Moosehair Embroidered flowers, in curvilinear design with interpretive flowers in theMoosehair Embroidered Pouch old-style, delicate designs. Worked on natural tanned, smoked heavy buckskin, then ochre stained. Approximate size is 8˝ inches.

Moosehair Embroidery is worked in stitched line, fold, tufting, and true embroidery. Pouch proper has barley corn beaded edge. The interior is of walnut-stained, linen fustian, all hand sewn. Button closure is made of bone.

Quilled zigzag and double quill diamond strip in center of strap, each side has a reverse French curve where the strips meet. Moosehair embroidered flowers to match the pouch face, just above the attachment. The strap is edged with silk ribbon and approximately 2 1/8 inches wide by 57 inches long.

See a close-up of the pouch face.

A one of a kind, original piece.   Sold! Thank You. . . 

  Brain tanned leathers vary in color from very light to very deep, depending upon the amount of smoking they received. Ochre color may also be applied. These natural earth colors give hues and tones to the hide and are typical of earlier times. Deep browns and black come from natural walnut or hickory hull dyes.