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Moosehair Embroidery

     Recorded in various books is a story of Ursuline Nuns who came from France to settle in Canada in the 1630's. They taught the women of the area the art of silk thread embroidery. When their supply of silk thread ran out, the Nuns learned that dyed moosehair could be adapted. Other techniques were developed to create many fascinating, textured decorations. The Nuns used true embroidery, tufting, stitched line work, and folding methods to embellish everyday items. 

     Nearly a lost art form, I have spent hundreds of hours researching, learning from early descriptions, and looking at the old pieces skillfully crafted by the Nuns and others. These old pieces show finely detailed flowers intricately formed with folds delicately held in place with tiny, barely perceptible stitches.

     I use both natural dyes and aniline dyes, in combination or separately. Designs created from early descriptions adopt the curvilinear or double curve approach, individual flowers created from sketches and completed works still displayed in museums, the arrangements of them being typical to the era but not to a particular piece unless otherwise stated.

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