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Buckskin II Reviews

By popular request, we have added more buckskin clothes that I have created.

A special Thank You goes to the wonderful patrons who grace these pages in their custom made buckskins and regalia; and for their inspirational reviews of my work.

1990-2005 Sue DeLille, all rights reserved.

I think the buckskin dress that Sue made for me  is absolutely beautiful and I really enjoy wearing it. You can tell by looking at the attention to detail and quality of construction that she does, she wants you to feel and look your best when you put it on. I feel very fortunate to have found Sue.  I have worn my dress at Pow Wow's in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.

                                                Brandi Straschinske, Arkansas

"White Smoke, I asked you and Eli to design a one of a kind creation formal suit coat and that is exactly what I got. The deer hides you used for this coat are unbelievable. The lacing used in the braided edging is just beautiful along with the beadwork (bears & bear claws) with the matching belt. I wear this coat with much pride. Thank you and Eli both!"

                                                  Edward Finan, Kentucky

I first saw Sue's work in the gallery where I am employed.  After purchasing bone chokers and beaded earrings made by Sue I decided on a custom-made buckskin outfit.  I chose a two piece set so that I could wear the top with jeans.  I can't imagine how much time she puts into the detailed hand stitching and the long fringe.  I always get compliments when I wear anything she has made.  Thanks so much!!

                                   In the private collection of Kathi Rider

     ~      In memory of Kathi who walked on in 2003.     ~

We have purchased many custom pieces from Sue which include a sheath for a 19th century Bowie knife, an incredible otter skin pouch, moccasins, and several pieces of buckskin clothing. From the hand-cut fringe to the original style of thong stitching, her commitment to quality is apparent.  We looked at several other people's work before buying our buckskins but never found any to compare with Sue's work.  The items are not only durable and functional, but works of art. We couldn't be happier.  Thanks Sue!                                                   The Grahams, Ohio

The perfect buckskin dress for my profession of storytelling! I have received many wonderful compliments on my outfit, thank you!  Will continue to do business with you!  

                                            Betsy Field, Ohio  

In Memory of Betsy Field who walked on in 2004.    

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