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Moosehair and Quillwork Reviews

Garments, neck pouches, knife sheaths, and many other accoutrements are greatly enhanced with the addition of moosehair embroidery and quillwork.

A special Thank You goes to the wonderful patrons who have graciously allowed us to show you their fine pieces; and for their inspirational reviews of my work.

2005 Sue DeLille, all rights reserved.

Moosehair Embroidered Vest 

"Mrs. DeLille was a pleasure to work with on the vest project - both talented and professional. The vest is beautiful and has received many compliments to date. It is everything I had hoped it would be when the project started. Am I satisfied? Yes, so much so that I have asked her to make several additional pieces for me."

                             W. Wieland, Ohio



Moosehair Embroidered Sheath 

"The quality of embroidery is just gorgeous. Would recommend highly."

         In the collection of Ronald W. Tonstad, Virginia


       Curvilinear Style Moosehair Embroidered Sheath

       "Mighty fine work and everyone who has looked at it really loves it. We don't see enough of this great Eastern Work. You certainly do a great job. Thank!".


                                  Bill Updyke, Pennsylvania 



Moosehair Embroidered Sheath

"A beautiful piece of work - I love it!"

In the Private Collection of Debra Siebert, Upstate New York



Moosehair Embroidered Hairpiece

Excellent quality and all hand-made. Embroidery is top quality and one of a kind. Highly recommend.

                   In the Private Collection of Sue Witte


Quilled Neck Pouch I

I love my Pouch and will treasure it always! Thank you so much.

                                     Private Collection, Ohio



Moosehair and Quillwork II ~ Buckskins  ~ Buckskins II