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 More Moosehair and Quillwork Reviews

      Again, a special Thank You goes to the wonderful patrons who have graciously allowed us to show you their fine pieces; and for their inspirational reviews of my work!

2005 Sue DeLille, all rights reserved.

                           Eastern Style Pouch

Words can not express my feelings for the quilled neck pouch you made for me. Your work and intricate details amaze me. Thanks from the heart!

                                                   R. Burns, Ohio


Moosehair Embroidered Sheath #103

The neck knife sheath is beautiful and is a perfect addition to my Eastern outfit! Thank you.

Bruce Richmond, Stitches in Tyme, Navarre, Ohio 

Moosehair Embroidered Sheath and Knife

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...so I'll add just one, Sue DeLille's work is EXQUISITE! 

                            Linda Church, Michigan


Blue Moosehair Embroidered Sheath with Knife

A treasured knife and sheath. Thank you, thank you! This is a gift for my daughter and will be a part of her collection.


                                                         HeartSpeaker, Ohio

Quilled Rosette on Birchbark

Smoke, thank you for making the wonderful quill and birchbark hair piece for my wife to wear with her buckskin dress. It is truly a work of art.  The hairpiece really pleased her, as it is her favorite color.

                                         Bill Tribble, Arkansas           

Purple Moosehair Embroidered Sheath with Knife

Beautiful work, the sheath and the Damascus knife are wonderful. Thank you very much.

The Kramer's, Indiana

Quilled Sheath

Just right! The madder root and Osage orange dyes are set off by the burgundy white heart beads. Thanks.

                                        Private collection, Indiana


Moosehair Embroidered Dragonfly Pouch

The neck pouch is perfect!  From the materials and art work to the significance of the design, it just couldn't be better!  I know Paget is going to love it!  Thank you!

                                   Betsey Field, Ohio


Moosehair Embroidered Butterfly

 So great that you are bringing back moosehair embroidery work. The detail is wonderful!


Private collection, Alabama



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